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IBN & You! affordable liability insurance and other benefits save you time and money

The Indie Business Network (IBN) helps independent (indie) business owners to maximize their potential through small business ownership. We are a business organization, dedicated to serving our members' business needs so they can focus on earning a fair profit and growing their companies. Our member benefits, including a state of the art affordable products liability insurance program, worldwide media and promotional opportunities and discounts on professional services and supplies. While our business benefits are numerous, we also support members in their quest to create a lifestyle that allows them to enjoy their lives as they also generate wealth. If you are a hobbyist, crafter or business owner who is really serious about growing your venture and living life on your own terms, IBN is here to help you.

Founded in January 2000 by Donna Maria Coles Johnson, an attorney, author, motivational speaker and passionate spokesperson for entrepreneurs from all walks of life, the Indie Business Network is the only trade organization providing a holistic suite of meaningful, tangible benefits to independent manufacturers of products that provide consumers with exciting alternatives to the mass marketed fare that is so widely available today. IBN's members are a hard working, forward thinking, tenacious and innovative group of business owners who don't settle for less than the all-out manifestation of their creative talents and gifts, and it is beautifully reflected in the products and services they offer.

IBN started in 2000 to serve manufacturers of soaps, cosmetics, fragrances, candles and aromatherapy products. Today, thanks to an exciting array of benefits including affordable products liability insurance, IBN has expanded to over 500 companies in 7 countries.

IBN's missions include harnessing the shared energy and vitality of members to address issues of consumer education, regulation, marketing and public relations, freeing IBN members to concentrate on achieving making their businesses a driving force in the competitive global marketplace. Our comprehensive suite of member benefits includes affordably priced products liability insurance which allows IBN members to save up to 75% on 1 Million+ in products liability insurance protection. IBN members commit to a core set of principles, including quality manufacture, consumer education and respect of intellectual property.

Since IBN's inception, members have continuously showered us with positive testimonials to the value of their IBN membership. If you are an independent business owner with an innovative "indie" product or service to offer, IBN is your one-stop shop for business and networking tools that maximize your business opportunities.

You can join IBN now by completing our membership application form. If you'd like to learn more about IBN member benefits before joining click here. If you are a member of the media seeking an exciting small and/or woman owned business to share with your readers, our Member Directory allows search by state. You may also feel free to contact us at info@indiebeauty.com.

If you are not yet a member of IBN, you should be. I invite you to explore our website to learn more about how IBN membership can benefit your company's bottom line, and how participation in IBN's myriad activities and programs can boost your visibility where and when it counts.

We welcome your involvement in IBN, and we appreciate your interest in visiting our website.

Best & Success!!

Donna Maria Coles Johnson
Chief Executive Indie

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