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IBN Members

2550 Degrees
316 Traditional Remedies
360 Skin Care
3Girls Holistic
444 Farm
4D Engineering, Inc. dba Dirty Beauty
4goodlife LLC
502 by Design
676 Candles Co.
A Mothers Luv
A Naturally Empowered Life (ANEL), LLC
A Place of Healing LLC
A Slice of Delight
A to B Products Co, LLC, dba Simple Nature
A Wild Soap Bar LLC
A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes
A&R Systems
A2 Crafters, LLC
Abbey St. Clare
Abike Natural
Absolutely Fabulous Soap Company
Abundance Soaps
AC Trance, Inc.
Adalia Skincare LLC
Adirondack Scent Shop
Adiva Soap and Luxuries
Advant Engineering
Aether Arts Perfume
Alabu Skin Care
Alapure Cosmetics
Alegna Soap
Aleish Aromatics
Alicia's Candle Garden
AliMar Labs, LLC
Alki Organix
All Things Good LLC
All Things O Natural LLC
All You Naturally
Alma del Sol Aromatherapy and Botanicals, Ltd., d/b/a Oasis Botanica
Almonde Botanicals
Alter Ego Nail Enamels
Alternative Health Choices LLC
Aluna Aromatics, Inc.
Modern Soapmaking, LLC
Amelia Bath and Body
Amepha's Organic
Americana Accents
Amina Aromas
Amita Saundarya, LLC
Amya's Natural Treasures, LLC
Ancient Ayurvedic
Ancient Stones, Inc.
Angel Minaro LLC
Angel Sister Naturals
Angela's Bathtub
Annas Potions and Lotions
The Answer for Skin LLC
Anya’s European Choice,Holistic skincare
Apothecary Esthetics
Apothekerri Products
Apple Blossom Naturals
Are You Going to Eat That?
Argania LLC
Aroma Creek, Inc.
Aroma Stories
Aromacare dba Qismet Skin Blends
Aromandina, LLC
Aromastasis LLC
Aromatic Therapy LLC
Aromatic Traditions
Aromatics International
The Art of Bathing
Artisan Scents
Asha + Miel Body Care, LLC
Ashleighs Essence LLC
Ashley Lauren Natural Products
Astrida Naturals, Inc.
Atlantic Avenew
Au Naturale Cosmetics
Au Naturel Botanicals
Audris Health
August Moon Farm Creations
Aunt Wally's
Aureiah Productions
Australian Outback Essentials
Autumn Moon Aesthetics
Autumns Eve
Avital's Apiaries
Ayelet Naturals, LLC
Zandra Beauty
Ba6 Botanicals
Sweet Minerals LLC
Back Porch Soap Company
Bad Andy's Beard Balm (Abundant Therapeutics, LLC)
Bahia Honey Beauty and Wellbeing
Baier Body Boutique
Ballerina Farmer Artisan Aromatherapy
Bambu Earth
Baobab Spa, LLC
Barber Side Barber Shop
BarMaids, LLC
Bath & Body Fusion Inc.
Bath and Body Academy
The Bath Place
Bath Savvy Naturals
Bath Snob
Be Green Bath and Body
Be True Bath and Body
Beau & Luxey Natural Body, LCC
Beau Savon, LLC
Beausoleil Botanicals
Beautiful People of Tennessee
The Beauty Creamery
Bee Natural Body Care
Bee Organic
Bee Square Body Care
The BeesWorx Inc.
Bella Lucce
Bella Nora Beauty
Bella Vista Farm
Bella's Botanicals
Belle Journee
Benedetta, Inc.
Bent Wick Candle Company
Big Fat Soap
Big White Yeti, LLC
Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC
Birdy Botanicals
Birthed By Earth
BLAC Minerals Cosmetics LLC
Black Kettle Soap Company
Black Sparrow Soaps
BLEND Natural-Essential LLC
Blends by M
Blinking Toad Workshop
The Blissful Dog Inc.
Blissful Remedies
Bloom Bathworks
Bloomquist, LLC
BloomWorks Holdings, LLC
Blossom & Twig
Blossoming Tree
Blossoming Tree Bodycare
Blossoming, LLC
Blue Beaker
Blue Blossom, LLC
Blue Butterfly Amazing Crafts
Blue Mountain Trading Co.
Blue Sage Naturals, LLC
Blue Turtle Soap Co. LLC
Bluezone Organics
Blüh Alchemy, LLC
Blush Studio
Donna DeRosa Coaching
Board and Batten
Bodhi Leaf Body
Bodi Scentials
Body Alexandre
Body Luminosity, Inc.
Body of Essence
Body Soap by Celestrial
Body Systems
BonBliss Beauty, Inc.
Bonvillain Beauty
Bootsie's Boutique
Born Again Skin
Botanic Organic
Botanica Basics
Botanicals for Hope
BotanicOils for Wellness 201
The Box Co-op
Bramble Berry, Inc.
Branch To Nature, LLC
Briar Muse
Bright Sun Naturals
Brighter Morn
Brigit True Organics
Brilliant Enterprises LLC, and Scent Matchers
Brookfield Candle Company
Brooklyn Flavors, LLC
Brooklyn Grooming
Brooks Earth Farm
The Bubble Garden, LLC
Bubble Luxe
Bubbles and Balm
bubs & scrubs, LLC
Bucklepenny, LLC
Buffalo Gal Organics
The Bumble Bee Studio
Bunny Butt Apothecary
BusyBeeSoaps, etc.
Buttercup Naturals LLC
By Ashley Asti
By Nieves
By Regina Gale
C and Co. All Natural Body Goods, LLC
Calendar Flower Body and Bath
Calming Obsession
Camamu, LLC
Camille Rose Naturals
Candle Cave
The Candle Closet
Candle Consultants, Inc., dba Candle Creations
Candle Fab Designs, LLC
Candle Light by Eve
Candle Stash
Candles & Country Treasures, LLC
Candles by Laura, LLC
Canopy Skincare
Canwax Inc.
Captain Blankenship
Captain Knoll's, LLC
Captains Choice Products, Inc.
Cara Mae Naturals, LLC
Carefree Organics
Caribbean Ruby, LLC
Caroline Newman
Carollas Beeswax Skin Creme, LLC
Casco Bay Gardens, LLC
Catalyst Cosmetic Development
CathyLynne Candles LLC
Celtic Chairde Creations
Celtic Complexion Organic Skin Care
Chalk & Slate
Charlene Sevier Jewelry
Cheeky Cosmetics Inc.
Chemistry Connection Llc
Children's Treasures, dba Just Bubbly
The Childs Law Firm, P.C.
Choices Bath & Body
Christine's Garden of Beauty
Christopher Drummond Beauty
Cicada Soaps LLC
Buff Her House of Exfoliation
Classic Sugar, LLC
The Clean Soap Company
ClearCrescent Technologies, LLC
Cloud Nine Soap Co.
CocoMe LLC
Cold Spring Apothecary
Cole’s Candles
Colibri Vibrational Science
Colorado Aromatics
Comfort & Joy Soap Co.
Conscious Alchemy
Copper Moon Apothecary
Coral Sky LLC
Cottonwood Herbals
Country Candles & Soaps
Country Lavender Farm
Country Made Soaps
Couture Candles, Handcrafted by Tanya LLC
Passport Candles, LLC
Crafted Botanicals LLC
Crazy Good 4 U
Creating Harmony LLC
Creation Farm, Inc.
Creations of Earth and Fire LLC
Creekside Candle Company
Crescent City Candle Company LLC
Crystal Rock Healing, LLC
CT River Candles
Cuddly Pandas Beauty LLC
Damali Creations
Dancing Light Candles
Dancing Madrone Soap Co.
Daphne Phillips
Day Dream Apothecary
DeGanya Aromatics
Delightful Scents For Cents
Denis Baker Emus
Derma Faire
Designer Nail Art, LLC
Detroit Organics
Detroit Soap Company, LLC
Di Bronte Corporation
Diane Grandstroms Aromatherapy Plus
Digital Candy LLC
Dirty Hippie Soaps, LLC
Dirty Sailor Girl Soap Company
Dispel by Clearline Lab
Divine Bliss Natural Soap
DIY Cosmetics
Doggone Productions
Donna Aromatics
DorNee Shea Body Souffle
Dortha's DreamSkin
Dr. Sam's Essentially Natural Lotions, LLC
Dragonfly Dreams
Dragonfly Handmade Soap
Dreaming Earth Botanicals
Dropwise Essentials
DSA Aromatherapy, LLC
Dulse & Rugosa
E Lash Studios
Earth Angel Minerals Botanical Cosmetics & Skin Care
Earth Home, Inc.
Earth Maiden Soap & Sundries
Eco Skin Essentials Inc.
EcoOffice Gals
Eden Apothecary and Goodies, LLC
E's Garden Naturals
Elements Bath and Body Supply, LLC
Ella's Essentials
Elliott & Black
Embellish Beauty Concepts, LLC
Embry Cosmetics LLC
Emily Skin Soothers, Inc.
Nurish Organics
Emma Friends Soaps & Lotions
Empyrean LLC
Emulate Natural Care, Inc.
Enchanted Polish LLC
Enchanting Soap Collections by Roberta
Equilibrium Essentials
Erolea Company
Erra Creations
Esthe Arte
Escentual Harmony Soaps
Essance LLC
The Pink Bathatique
Essences of the Earth
Essencetree Holistic Life
Essential Body Pleasures
Essential Health
Essential Wholesale & Labs
Essentially Southern
Etta + Billie
European Gardens
Eva Jenae Naturals
Ever Brooklyn
Face n Earth, LLC
Face Pods, Inc.
The Fairy Apothecary
Falcone Herbal Remedies
Fall Oasis
Fallen Muse WebWorks
Fanny Flynn Cosmetics
Fascinaturals, LLC
Fatface Skincare
Feng Shui Naturals
Fields of Ambrosia, Inc.
Fig Botanicals
Finally Pure, LLC
Florere, Inc.
Firebird Bath & Body
Flourish Natural BodyCare
Flower Essence Energy
Folky Art Studio
Footbridge Shea Butter Products
For Strange Women, LLC
Forces In Nature, LLC.
Forest Things
Formulator Sample Shop
Fortunate Face Minerals
Founder's Pomade
Fragrance Laboratory
Frances Annette
Frangipani Body Products, LLC
Frankincense & Rose Botanical Skin Care and Perfumery
French Girl Organics
Frenchy Soap Co.
Frequency No.4
Fresh-Picked Beauty
From Nature With Love
Funtastic Soaps
Fusion Botanicals
G.B. Proudfoot, LLC
Gabby's Handmade Soap
Gabriels Aunt
Gaelle Organic
Gaisie Body Essentials
Garden of Eve
Garden of Wisdom LLC (Graham-Caswell Design, LLC)
The Gemini Company
Gennie Salve
Genuine HoBo Bodi-Sense International, LLC
Gifts Created by Nature, LLC
Gifts From the Earth
The Girl Behind the Counter
Girly Goats
Glacier Clear Holdings, Inc
GlammGirl Pure Skin Care
Gluten Free Beauty
Go Green Madison
Go Ovvio, LLC
Goat Haus Dairy
Goddess Moon Trading LLC
The Gods' Nectar
Golden Earth
Golden Gate Homeopathy
Golden Path Alchemy LLC
Good On You LLC
Good Scents, Inc.
Grace Walters Designs
The Grapeseed Company
Gray-Zen Acres
Great South Bay Candles
Green Envee
Green Gardens Naturals
Green Harmony LLC
Green Heart Traditions
Green Play LLC (Bubble and Bee Organic)
Green Springs Body Works, LLC
Gruene Soap Works
Guardian Angels
Hadassah Enterprises, LLC
Halo Soap
HANA Organic Skincare LLC
Hanbi Skincare
Handcrafted Honey Bee
Handmade Habitat
Handmade Soap Coach
Hannahdale Scent and Soapworks
Happy Green Company
Happy Stuff, L.L.C.
Harmonious Essentials
Harmony Bath & Body
Harmony SoapWorks
Harvest Moon Emporium
Head Over Heels Bath and Body
Healing Blends For Life, LLC
Healing Leaf LLC
Healing Nature, LLC
Henna Body Art
Henna Sooq
Herbal Grace Creations
Herbal Transdermal
Herbs of Grace, Inc.
Hickory Wickery LLC
Hill Country Haiku
Hillbilly Balm
Ho Omana Naturals, LLC
Hoffchen Farms
Holistic Body Therapy
Holistic Hair and Beauty, LLC
Holistic Healer & Wellness Inc.
Hollands Grove Aromatics, LLC
Homebrewed Hillbilly Soaps
Honey Bear Essential Oil Therapy
Honey Glow
Honey Kissed by SOSC
Honeycomb Gifts and Greetings
HopesBodyBy Pure
The Horton Bath Collection
Hothouse Botanicals
House Blend Organics
HPO Spa Treatments
Hutton Laboratories, Inc.
I am Beauty & Wellness
I Love Lavender Farm
IBN Member & Community Manager
Ignis Ventures, LLC
Iko Productions Inc
Imago Dei Inc., DBA Truth
Nuvosa Anti-Aging
In the Potter's Hand, Inc.
In2ition Associates, Inc.
InaScents Natural Body Products
Inaya Essence
Indigo Blooms Botanicals, LLC
Indigo Botanica
Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals, LLC
Infusion Breast Care Botanicals, LLC
Infusion Graphics, LTD.
Innocence Body Care
Inspired Bath and Body
Inspired Essences
Integrity Arts, LLC dba Christinas Candle Lights
International Herb Co., LLC
Intrinsic Potential, LLC
iNyanga Naturals
Irie Star
Island Breeze Bath and Body
Ivre de Fleurs
Iwilla Remedy LLC
Fragrance Alkemist
J.Crawford Apothecary
Jacara Therapeutic Skin Care
Jade's Skicare Inc.
Jaku Bodycare, Inc.
Jamela Inc
Janecka Inc.
Jaq~Jim Natural Skin Care
Jayne Takano
Jenna Marie
Wikiwood Naturals
Joan Morais
JoAnne Bassett
Joda Mann
Jodi's Soapbox
Jolie Laide Perfume
JollyBod, Inc.
JoMaMi's Creations
Jordan Samuel Fragrances LLC
JourneysMother Beauty, Health & Fitness
Joyful Bath Co.
Jubilee Creative Studio, LLC
Juji buji
June Plum, LLC
Just Perfect Minerals
Just Skin Food
Just Wanna Melt, LLC
Juventas, LLC
Kadari Soaps
Karen's Botanicals LLC
Kari Gran
Katuri, Inc.
Kay Enterprises
Kayantra Beauty and Wellness
KBShimmer Bath And Body, Inc.
Keep Buzzin Body Products LLC
Keep Yourself Smelling Sweet
Keilove Botanica, LLC
Key West Bound Enterprises, Incorporated
Khoi LLC
Kilosha Accents, LLC
Kiroja LLC
Kohana Skin
Koils By Nature
Kokokahn Inc.
Kopa Haikuu, LLC
Kosia LLC
Kou Beauty
Abbey Brown (Debutante)
Kreyol Essence
The Krisanti Company
KX Beauty Products, LLC
La Chapelle Products
La Chemie de Nancy
La Fleur by Livvy
La Isha Inc.
La Mia Bella
La Vie Celeste Skincare, Inc.
Laboratory of Flowers, LLC
Ladies B Crafts
Ladyburg LLC
Lakewood Soap Company
Lalogy Inc.
Lalun Naturals, Inc.
Lamphere Lathers & Lotion
Lantern Light Candles
L'Aromatica Perfume
Laromay Lavender
Lather & Lye
Lattestone Soap
Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques
Lavande au Soleil
Oasis Candles
Lavender Acres Inc., dba Santa Fe Lavender
Lavender Hill Farm of Niles, MI LLC
Lavender Wind, LLC
LaVieve Boutique Quality Skin Care
Leaf People, Inc.
Leapin' Lizard Labels, LLC
Lea's Luxuries LLC
Lee Rose, LLC
LeeAnni Eco Company
Les Noblesses
Les Savons de LouLou!
Desired Promise (formerly LeSha Naturals LLC)
Leslie Greene Beauty
Leslie Weinstein's Nail Boutique
L'Essence de la Vie
Level Naturals
Libras Botanicals
Life Elements
Life happens - choose 2BePositive
Life Organics, Inc.
Light Footsteps LLC
Lighthouse Gift Company LLC
Lilie De Vallee LLC
Lilly Leaf Soaps
Lina Hanson
Linda Hayes
Linda Mar Essentials tlc
The Lip Bar, LLC
lisa ann skincare
Lisa's of Annapolis Salon
Lisa's Soaps Naked and Natural, LLC
Lissful Light Candle Co.
Lites of Avalon
Live Love Dew LLC
Living Creative Wellness
Living Greens, LLC
Liz Zorn Mixed Media Arts
Lizs Body Products
LM Bath and Body Products
LocustGroves Hand Made
Lolas Natural Alternatives
Londas Bodycare, LLC
Lovely Lady Products, LLC
LT Partners, LLLP, dba Handmade Sopes
Lucky Break Consulting
Lulu & Max
Lush Erth, LLC
Luxurious Bath Boutique, LLC
M B Naturals, LLC
Magpie's Mud
Holistic Skin and Body, LLC
Mailelani Samoa
Main Street Soap Co.
Maison de Navar
Majenty, LLC
Makeup by Mer
Mama Says Wash! LLC
MamaSuds LLC
Manor Hall Soap Company
Marble & Milkweed
Mariah Country Soaps
MARIE DEAN Hair & Body Care
Mario Tomas Artisan Fragrances
Marmalade Hills LLC
Martinsville Emporium
Marvelous Mud LLC
Mary Ann's Naturals
Mason and Wax
Matter and Home
Gorgeous Gifts and Gourmet Goodies, dba MayaIndia
MBeze, LLC
Me & The Girls Alternative Skin Care, LLC
Meadowlake Farm Honeybee Products, LLC
Medicine Flower
Mei Zen Cosmetics
Mellabelle Designs
Mentone Magic Bath and Body
Michael Meiko Cosmetics LLC
Michele's Apothecary
Midnight Scentworks
Mighty Real Skin
The Milk & Honey Farm
Miller's Handmade Soaps
Million Dollar Skin Shop
MiMi's Natural Body Care Products
MIND & BODY HOLISTIC- Moomtaaz Shea Butter Blends
Mind Body Soul Oil
Mineralesque Cosmetics
Misty Mountain Soap
Mitchell and Co.
Mixed Greens
MJ's Herbals
Moana Beauty LLC
Mohea Natural Beauty LLC
Momma's Best Homemade
Monk Oil
Monsoon Nectar
The Montana Homestead Emporium
Montane Designs
Moody Sisters Skincare
Moon Garden Artisan Bath & Body
Moon Goddess Herbals
Moon Sisters Studio
Moon’s Harvest Bath & Body Shop
MoonDance Botanicals
MoonMaid Botanicals
Morral Brothers
Mossy Creek Soap Studio
Mother Tongue Natural Handcrafted Soaps & Products
Mountain Cottage Soaps
Mountain Laurel Blends
Mox Botanicals
Mr. B’s Luminaries
Muffetta's Naturals
Mug For Men, Inc.
MuirLana SkinCare
Mum Mum's Crafts
Music City Suds
My Babylove LLC (formerly Joan Villar Handcrafted Luxury Soap)
My Secret Stash
Mystra Magical Oils
Naiad Soap Arts
NaKee Natural, LLC
Nakia Amour Natural Hair Care Products, LLC
Nalu Koa, LLC
Nashville Soap Factory
National Shrinkwrap
Nativa Soaps
Native Touch
Native Wisdom Beauty
Natural Options Aromatherapy Inc.
Natural Perfumery Institute
Natural Rest Aromatherapy
Natural-holic with Scents, LLC
Naturally Fit & Well, LLC
Naturally Good Soaps
Naturally Me Hair & Beauty Creations
Naturally Pure LLC
Naturally Relaxed, LLC
Naturally Tressed, LLC
Naturavila LLC
Nature By Design
Nature's Brew
Nature's Gift, Inc.
Natures Shea Butter
The Naturo Way
N-diya LLC
Nectar Living, LLC
Neem Tree Farms, Inc.
Nelum Botanics
Never Over The Hill Cosmetics LLC
Nevermore Body Company
New Mexico Cosmetics LLC
Night Owl Candles
Nillia's Creative Touch
Nina LLC
No Rein's Amazin Jewelweed Salve & Soap
Nomad Handcrafted Soap
Nomaterra, Inc.
Note Fragrances, Inc.
Notorious RED
Aloha Alchemy (formerly Nourish)
Nourishingly Natural
Nouveau Designs LLC
The Nova Studio
The Novak Collection
NYRAJU Skin Care
O'Malley & Potter LLC
Oak Court Creations, Inc.
Oasis Esthetics and Day Spa
Oberon Cosmetics, LP
OC Skin Solutions, LLC
The Oil Lady Aromatherapy Co. LLC
Oils of Shakan
Olive My Skin LLC
Olive Naturally
Olivia Rose Cosmetics, LLC
Olivita, Inc.
Ollie Natural
Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes
Oma's Favorite Handcrafted Soaps
Theme Fragrance
Opus Gaia LLC
Orange Thyme
Organic Reverence
Original Moxie, LLC
House of Aromatics
Outlaw Soaps
Owl Ridge Farm
Oyade Salon
Oyin Handmade
Paint Box Polish
Painted Cave Apothecary
Painted Earth, Inc.
Pamper Me Pure Bath & Body Alchemy
Pamper Me Silly
Pamper U!, Inc.
Pampered Sisters
Paradise City Herbal
Patti's Potions Natural Soaps, Ltd.
Lily de Mai
Peace and Carrots, LLC
Pegboard Photography
Pelle Nuda Skincare
Penelope Co.
Penns Hill Organic Soap Company
The Perfume Fountain
Peters Products - AmazMinerals
Phoenicis Consulting
Phoenix Apothecary
Pink Quartz Minerals, LLC
Pink T Candles
Pioneer Fragrance Company
Piper Tate
Pittstown Soapworks
Pixie Dust Naturals
Pixie Pants Designs
Planet Botanicals
Pleasanton Goods
Plum Hill Pure Body Essentials
Poetic Remedies, Pure Essential Body Oils
The Pomade Shop
Pommes Frites Candle Co.
Pooka Pure & Simple
Portland Bee Balm, LLC
Pour le Mieux Bath & Body Essentials
Prairie Lavender Farm
Prairie Zen Botanicals
Prava Esencia
Precise Perfect Pound Cakes
Pretty By Nature, LLC
Pretty Monsters LLC dba Brooklyn Grooming CO.
PRIIA Cosmetics
Primrose Essentials, LLC
Private Stock Bath & Body
Priya Means Love
Prosperity Legacy, LLC
Provenance Soapworks LLC
Providence Perfume Co.
Pucker Hugger
Puja Cacao, LLC dba Puja Satiani
Pure And Light Minerals, Inc.
Pure Body Treats
Pure Enchantment, LLC
Pure Essence LLC
Pure Joy Soap Company
Pure Organic Nail Salon, LLC
Pure Palette
Pure Solutions
Pure Spirit Potions
pureskin and hair care
Purgasm Shop
Purely Lisa
Purple Moon Bodycare LLC
The Purple Sage Bath, Body & More
Holistically Haute, LLC
Rachel's Plan Bee
Rainwater Falls Apothecary
Randr Sustainable
Raw Beauty
Rayna Marnee International
RD Alchemy Natural Products
Reciprocity Productions
Red Umbrella Industries, LLC
Red’s Kitchen Sink
Rekindled Reserve LLC
Remember Me Gifts
Renata's Naturals
ReNew Botanicals
The Rex Apothecary
Rhonda B. Hodge
Rinse Bath & Body
Rio Grande Candle
Ritual Waters
Rituel De Fille Inc.
RM Creations
Roo Ranch Goats Milk Soap
Root Alchemy, LLC
Rose and Spice LLC
Rosemira Organics
Rouge, LLC
Roxxys Star Cosmetics
Royal Herbs
Ruah Experience, LLC
Ruby's Camp Bimbo
Rustic Maka
Rustic Suburbia
RUYA Enterprises, LLC
Saffire Blue Inc.
Sage Flower Hill
Sagescript Institute, LLC
SageWorks Designs
Sahara Scents
Salubritas LLC
Samantharoma LLC
Samara Botane
Samfo Organics, LLC
San Diego Natural Soap Company
San Francisco Salt Company
Standard Wax
Sarada Ayurvedic Remedies, Inc
Sara's Soaps and Such
Sarati International, Inc.
Savage Jenny, LLC
Savon Cafe - Natural Handmade Soap
Savvy Naturals
Savvy Salves, Ltd.
Scandle LLC
Scent Savvy Soaps & Bathworks
Belmont Soap Works
Scentsational Soaps
Scentsational Soaps, LLC
Schires & White, LLC
Scodioli Creative
Scrubz Body Scrub, Inc.
SD Candles and Crafts
Sea Blossom
Sedona Aromatherapie
Senica, LLC
Sequoia Beauty
serendipity {soap}
Serenity Soapworks
The Skin Specialist, LLC
Sfumato LLC
Shae Shea
Kiez, LLC
Shannon Reed
The Shanti Project
Sharzu of San Luis Obispo
Shea Radiance
Sheer Pleasures Soapworks
Sheila Sacks Designs
Shen & Sam Co.
Sheris Soap Opera
Sherry Lane Cosmetics
Show Products, dba Body Bionix
Silk Naturals
Soap Commander
simply better Handmade Natural Skin and Body Care
simply birgit
Simply Davine Bath and Body
Simply Eve Fragrances
Sinfully Sweet Soap
Sinjin & Sage
Sister Products
Skeeter Juice, Inc.
Skin & Bones, LLC
Skin Desires
Skin Dharma
Skin Perfection, LLC
Skin Revolution
SkinCalm, LLC
SkinCaring Soaps
SkinCraft Organics, LLC
SkinKissed Naturals, LLC
Small Gunns
Smell No Evil, Ltd.
Smokey Mountain Lacquers
Smooth Naturals LLC
The Soap Babe
Soap Cafe
Soap for Goodness Sake LLC
Soapwalla inc.
The Soapy Bar
Sojourn. Herbal Apothecary
Solo Noir
Songcroft Naturals, LLC
Sonoma Scent Studio
Soothing Science
Soreal Naturals
Sorella Scents
SoulKu, LLC
Soy Spacasso, LLC
Spa Essence Natural Body & Skin Care
Spa Kaizen
Spa.Ti.Da, LLC
SpanCare, Inc.
Spaoshi Limited Co.
Sparklefly Candle Company, Inc.
Spirit Free, LLC
Spiritual Beauty LLC
Spring Creek Bath Works
Spring Meadow Botanicals
St. Croix Valley Candle Company
Star Hitched Wagon
Starchaser Aromatics and Energy Work
Starring...! Fragrances
Start Fresh Cosmetics LLC
Sterling Minerals Cosmetics
Stevens Skin Care Products, Inc.
Stewart & Claire
Still Water Soaps
Stillpoint Aromatics, Inc.
StoLat Organics, LLC
Storyboard Bath & Body Llc, dba Bloomsbury Sq Bath and Body
Strand Street Apothecary
Straw Cottage Creek
Pouring Candles
Sublime Designers
Sublime Escentials, Inc.
Sudasana-The Art of Tranquility
Suds MaMa, Inc.
Sue Ellen's
Sugar and Things
Sugar Mamas Skincare and Soap Co.
Sugared Beauty
Sun Garden Soaps
Sun Kissed Herbal
SunRose Aromatics, LLC
SuperChic Lacquer/Wonder Beauty Products
Surfz Up Organics
Susan's Soaps & More
Sustainable Methow LLC, dba Sustainable Worth
Sweet & Woodsy Aromatherapy
Sweet Savours Natural Body Care Apothecary
Sweet Sisters Bodycare
Sweet Treats Bath and Body
SweetWater Bath & Body
Synergistic Beauty, LLC
Laurme Skin Care
Tabula Aroma
Take Up Makeup Company
The Talbott Collective
Tamara's Professional Body Sugaring
Tangles and Beyond
Taproot Farms Co.
Tehacha-Bee Farm
Telomerax LLC
TenderLeaf Natural Products
Tereco Management Group, LLC
Terra Soaps
Teva Skin Science, LLC
Thank God Its Natural
Theresa and Jims Handcrafted Soaps
Thermal Hair Care, Inc.
Things That Work
Thistle Ridge Soap LTD
Thompson Street Farm LLC
Three Maries Herb Farm
Threla LLC
Tiki Bar Soap
Tini Belle
TLC Farms Goat Milk Soaps & Sundries
Tonic Skin & Spirit
Topical Solutions
Touch The Earth Aromatics
Trabuco Farms
Tranquil Elegance by Danyael
Travertine Spa, Inc.
The Treasured Empire
Tres Pure
Trinity Botanicals
Triple T Candle Co.
True To You Naturals Goods
Truly You LLC
Tualique, Inc.
Tukka Naturals
Tutu's Naturals
Twelve Corners
Twin Hearts LLC All Natural Handmade Bath & Body Products
Twinkle Candle Company
TwoSisters Soap Company
Twysted Thystle
Una Biologicals, LLC
Uplifting Candles
Uprising Botanicals
Urban ReLeaf LLC
Urban Tranquility
Pharmacist's Daughter
Val's Soap Works
Valana Minerals
Vanessa's Essence Natural Hair Care
Vangaleen’s Natural Potions : Infinite Possibilities KMS-AAS LLC.
Vaughan’s Radiance
Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrfumery
Venomiss LLC
Venus of Vermont, Inc.
Veracity Insurance Solutions
Vermont Bee Balm
Verte Company LLC
Vetiver Aromatics
Victoria Beckner
Victoria's Lavender, LLC
Victorie Inc.
Vienna's Herbal Compounds
Vika's Essentials
Villa Lusso
Vim Essentials, Inc.
Vine Naturals
Vintage Body Spa LLC
Violets are Blue
VITA Botanicals
Vita Elementa LLC dba Muddy H2O etc.
Vita Renee, LLC
Vital Earth Traditions llc
VST Organics
Watchdog Lip Guard LLC
Waxing Kara
Waxology Wax
We Are Tarts/Je Me Souviens
We Smell Candles
We're No Angels Soap Co.
Weave Relief
Wee Mindings
Welcome 2 Afrika
WEO...Wellness with Essential Oils
Whiskey Bottom Candle Company
Whispering Gardens Candle Company
White Magic Candle Company LLC
White Oak Lavender, Inc.
Wiggle Perfume and Sundries
Wild Awake, Inc.
Wild Clover Botanicals
Wild Rose Herbs
Wild Willow
Wildly Natural
Willow Lane Soap Cottage
Willow Way Equipment, LLC
Wings of Kara
Wisalya Bath & Body
Witch Baby Soap
Wonder Curl
Wonderland Organics
Woodford Wicks, LLC
Wunder Budder
Wyldewood Soap Works
Yelena Royzen, LLC
Your Best Face Skincare LLC
Your Body Needs
Zagorska Organic Bodycare
Zi Zai Dermatology
Zion Naturals, Inc.
Zoe Organics, Inc.
Zoet Bathlatier
Zorica of Malibu
Zosimos Botanicals, LLC
Zweena Body Care

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