How to Nominate an IBN Member for the 2009 Indie Beauty Business of the Year Award

DEADLINE: December 31, 2008

Meet The Judges
Nominee Qualifications
How To Submit A Nomination
Nomination Tips
Additional Rules and Regulations


The Indie Beauty Business of the Year Awards will be judged by persons who represent excellence in their particular fields and have a special connection to the Indie Beauty and Indie Beauty Business communities.

2009 Indie Beauty Business of the Year Judges

Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik is the creator of the award winning Afrobella beauty blog, which provides positive, uplifting reinforcement for women who seldom find reflections of their beauty in mainstream fashion magazines. She is also a regular contributor to the blogger’s roundtable on NPR’s News and Notes with Farai Chideya.

Patrice lives with her husband in Miami, where she is the calendar editor and creator of Pretty in the City beauty blog for the Miami New Times.


Alexis Martin Neely is America's Personal Family Lawyer, author of the best selling book Wear Clean Underwear! A Fast, Fun, Friendly – and Essential – Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents and the nation's leading legal expert guiding you to more wealth, health and happiness by making smart financial and legal decisions for your family.

Alexis lives in Hermosa Beach, CA with her two beautiful children.


Cybele has published the Cybele Says beauty blog since February 2001, and featured products she's tried, loved and wants to share with the world. Cybele goes deep to feature brands you may not have heard of ... yet. She specializes in new products and lines, bite size write-ups, big juicy photos and easily understood verbiage.

Cybele lives in California where she has appeared on KABC-TV News in Los Angeles 3x's and Soap Talk as an Independent Beauty Expert.


Elke Von Freudenberg is an acclaimed celebrity makeup and eyebrow stylist whose artistry has graced the faces of celebrities like Kate Moss, Blythe Danner, Tiffany Amber Thiessen and Angelica Houston. Her expertise has been quoted in beauty and fashion magazines as a top beauty expert.

Elke is also the founder and editor of Beauty Blog Network, the invitation-only forum showcasing the best blogs on the Web for glamour girls and makeup lovers around the world.


Jami Shopf founded the Bionic Beauty blog to share her sample finds,
beauty news, makeup reviews and intros to smaller beauty brands with
readers across the globe. As a self-admitted beauty junkie, Jami has
built up quite a collection of beauty goodies, but says she always
uses each product up or donates gently used ones to local women's

Jami lives in Florida with her husband, three dogs, two birds, a
hedgehog and two Betta fish.


To nominate an IBN member for Indie Beauty Business of the Year Award, visit our Nomination Form and tell us why your nominee deserves to be Indie Beauty Business of the Year. You may nominate yourself for this Award. You may nominate a Supplier Member (all of them are listed with Power Profiles at or you may nominate a Full member (all of them are listed in IBN's Online Member Directory), or you may nominate both. You do not have to be a member of IBN or a subscriber to IBN's newsletter to nominate an IBN member for the Indie Beauty Business of the Year Award. There is no entry fee.

Site users will be given an opportunity to read, rate and comment on all entries. 

DEADLINE: December 31, 2008

Nominee Qualifications

Anyone can make a nomination, even of his or her own business. Judges will evaluate nominees based on the above factors. Additionally, nominees must consistently demonstrate devotion to the Indie Beauty and Indie Beauty Business communities, innovation, creativity, integrity, entrepreneurial spirit and vision have positively impacted his or her business and made a positive difference in the industry, their own community and the world. Nominees will also be judged based on the degree to which their entries are entertaining, instructional, relevant and thought provoking for the audience; the display of character demonstrated in the entries; and to a lesser extent, the ratings submitted by website users. Our goal is to recognize and share the winners' amazing accomplishments to reward their efforts and to encourage and inspire others to succeed. 

Before you submit an entry, it is recommended that you draft the nomination in another program, save it, and then cut and paste it into our Nomination Form.

DEADLINE: December 31, 2008

How To Submit A Nomination:

(1) Create your nomination headline. State why your nominee should be Indie Beauty Business of the Year. Use exciting and eye catching words to describe what they have done that is remarkable. Grab our attention with words that say "Aha!! Now that's an exceptional business!!" The headline should have no more than 75 characters, including spaces.

(2) Tell us what your nominee has done that is so special. Please tell us a story in paragraphs -- one that is relevant to our industry and well thought out. Resumes and cut and pasted bullet points will not be accepted. Why do they deserve the award? Have they overcome incredible odds to run their business? Have they demonstrated exceptional devotion to "all things Indie?" Have they been of incredible support to industry colleagues? Have they provided an excellent example for others to follow? Tell us about some amazing accomplishment, extraordinary creativity, unflappable vision, grace under pressure and other talents that add up to remarkable success. All information submitted on an entry form must be original to the entrants and contain truthful and accurate information. We reserve the right to edit the nominations for clarity before they are posted to the website. Any entry that fails to meet these criteria will be disqualified.

Be creative! Don't be limited by what other entries look like. To help get your creative juices flowing, here are some things you might want to tell us about your nominee:

You might want to have someone objective review your nomination before submitting it. In this way, any typographical errors or irrelevant information can be removed so the judges can concentrate on evaluating the really good stuff!

(3) Fill in the contact information. This is very important! Entries submitted without contact information will not be included. We must be able to get in touch with you, the person making the nomination, in order to verify your nomination. (You may nominate yourself.) Once you submit your entry, you'll be taken to a page that confirms your submission. You will also immediately receive an e-mail response thanking you for submitting a nomination.

Nomination Tips

(1) Enter early. Don't wait for the deadline. This will allow more time for readers to submit supportive comments and to get our attention. Get your colleagues to help. Making the nomination or entry a team effort could help highlight more extraordinary qualities and accomplishments.

(2) Please Submit Your Best! While the main focus of the judges is on rich details and the seeds of a great story, they will also be looking at voting for the most professional businesses. Minor typos are quickly forgotten from a personal perspective, but when it comes to an award, it's best to use the spell checker and have a few friends review a nomination before it is submitted. Stick within suggested word counts. While the judges will read whatever is submitted, remember that the best stories can be told succinctly. Have fun.

DEADLINE: December 31, 2008

Additional Rules & Regulations

Entries will be made available for review by all IBN website users between December 15 and December 31, 2008. Site users will be given an opportunity to read, rate and comment on all entries. These evaluations may have partial but not primary influence on the judges' final decisions. IBN reserves the right to remove any comments that it deems to be inappropriate or irrelevant.

Judges will name one member company from each category as Indie Beauty Business of the Year in that category. Prior winners are not eligible. Winners will be notified by e-mail during the first quarter of 2009.

The Indie Beauty Business of the Year Award winners will be announced in a 1Q 2009 issue of the Indie Experience Newsletter. The winners will also be posted to IBN's suite of popular websites and included in any other locations and publications as deemed appropriate by IBN and across all of IBN's suite of blogs and other social networking areas.


The winners must be 18 or older to win as of January 1, 2009. The winners must be Full or Supplier (not Apprentice Indies) members of IBN as of November 1, 2007 or they will be disqualified. IBN reserves the right to disqualify, at any time, any and all nominations that do not comply with these Rules & Regulations. All entries and comments are subject to IBN's editorial discretion and will be subject to verification. The overall winners must be willing to be a subject of feature articles, with photographs, at IBN's website and in any other media as deemed appropriate at IBN. Any nominee who fails to comply with the foregoing will be disqualified.


Neither IBN nor any of the individual members of its leadership team, nor any of its or their affiliate companies, nor any of the judges shall have any obligation or responsibility with regard to (i) entries that contain inaccurate information or that do not comply with these instructions; (ii) entries, prize claims, or notifications that are lost, late, incomplete, illegible, unintelligible, damaged, or otherwise not received by the intended recipient, in whole or in part, due to computer or technical error of any kind; (iii) telephone, electronic, hardware, software, network, Internet, or computer malfunctions, failures, or difficulties; or (iv) any damages or losses of any kind caused by any award or resulting from the acceptance of any award. IBN in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any person tampering with the entry process or the operation of the website or otherwise disregarding these instructions. IBN further reserves the right to cancel, terminate, or modify the Indie Beauty Business of the Year Award if it cannot be completed as planned because of infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, or technical failures of any sort. All products and materials submitted in connection with the nominations and entries to IBN's Indie Beauty Business of the Year Award become the property of IBN and/or the judges to whom they are submitted upon receipt and cannot be returned. The submission of nominations and entries constitutes permission for IBN to use your e-mail address and other submitted information for purposes of marketing and promotion.

DEADLINE: December 15, 2008